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The college admissions process can be complicated! To help out, we’re offering a chance to win a free college admissions consultation. Want a chance to win? Sign up for our newsletter, and you could be the winner of a free consultation.


What kind of help can you get from a college admissions consultation?
  • Feedback on the college essay
  • Brainstorming for essays
  • Feedback on a college application
  • Extracurricular activities planning
  • High school class planning
  • What to do over the summer
  • Basics of financial aid and paying for college
  • College search
  • College interview preparation
  • Getting recommendation letters
  • And more!

Everyone who has signed up for our newsletter by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, December 8, 2017 will have a chance to win. Parents, family members, teachers, and others who are helping a student with college applications are more than welcome to enter for a chance to win.

I’ve been helping students with their college applications for years and have helped students achieve amazing results.  Check out what students have to say about the help they got:

How Students Benefited from College Admissions Help

“When I first started applying to colleges, I was overwhelmed by the amount of things that needed to be completed, such as personal statements, financial aid, and application questions.  I needed help and guidance throughout this process, and Lan provided what I needed.  Lan was helpful in guiding me through this important process, and to her I am grateful.  She helped me with, not only the technical aspect of the applications such as the essays, but she also provided support, encouragement, and motivation.  Lan is knowledgeable and experienced in this profession.  She walked me through the application step-by-step, providing suggestions on areas of improvement and ideas to focus on.  I became more confident in myself and my essays improved dramatically because of her.  She took away the stress and anxiety I felt and provided positivity, knowledge, and strength.  I could always depend on Lan for help if I had any concerns or questions.”

— Stephen, Villanova University, Class of 2018

“Coming from a place that’s not adequate in educational resources, I was lucky to have had a long-term working relationship with Lan. She’s very resourceful and professional in this area. I was able to be exposed to lots of opportunities and encouragement along the way. What impressed me most was her originality and responsibility when revising and editing my essays. She showed great personal concern and was communicating with me on a personal level rather than only concerning business. After the submission of my applications, Lan and I remained friends, and she still helps me with problems in college, though I am no longer receiving consultations. I am deeply grateful for that. It has been a truly rewarding experience and the friendship is absolutely priceless.”

Your College Advisors Guide to A is for Admission

— AJ, Cornell University, Class of 2018

“When I began writing my college application essays, I felt so lost because I didn’t know how to start or what to write.  But with Lan’s help, I gradually got to know how to compose an excellent college essay.  Lan was very passionate, patient, and diligent.  Wake Forest University, a top 30 university, required seven essays for the college application.  When I finished my first draft, Lan said it was not enough.  She helped me to discover my most unique points and guided me in putting them into the essays.  Under Lan’s instruction, I made modifications to each essay at least five times before reaching the final draft. I really appreciate her help.  I’d say that without my Lan’s help, I would not have gotten into Wake Forest University.”

— Elena Zhou, Wake Forest University, Class of 2019


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