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Passionate about technology, business and education, Sean keeps himself busy by constantly learning things he doesn’t already know. His undergraduate degrees are in Computer Engineering and Finance from Drexel University. It was at Drexel where Sean developed a strong proficiency (and passion) for problem solving. According to him, engineering was not without its challenges, but still a great fit because his English skills are barely passable (read some of his posts to find out more). After Drexel, he went on to work for The Vanguard Group for 7 years where he was responsible for pretty much everything run on hardware or software. Advancing his education in graduate school, Sean earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Penn State. After that, he continued to work for various companies small and large until ultimately branching out on his own to become a full-time entrepreneur in 2014. Sean currently works as an executive for several startups (including some of his own) while continually threatening to one day go for that PhD, but Lan doesn’t buy it (and we think she’s right!).

Lan Ngo, PhD has been helping students with their college applications for the past 7 years.  Over the past decade, she has been in the field of education in various roles, including as a school teacher, research fellow, and the director of the writing center at the University of Pennsylvania.  Lan is the author of over a dozen academic publications and has presented at numerous education conferences.  She is currently part of an ed tech team that works with world-renowned subject matter experts to build and deliver digital learning tools.  She was a first-generation college student and hopes to share what she has learned from her experience and academic training to make college accessible.  Lan earned a bachelor’s in economics from Stanford University, a master’s in teaching from Columbia University, and a PhD in education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is currently a lecturer.  When she’s not busy collecting post-secondary degrees, Lan enjoys running and checking out the /r/aww subreddit.